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Vibrational Alchemy
If you are a business owner, student, or  individual looking for ways to improve what you or others do and how things are, you will find here tested and proven resources far outside the ordinary that will help you reach those goals. 

Please take a few seconds to read the rest of this note.  It may be a defining moment for your future.  

We offer a proven inter-play of subtle energies from escoteric science and the Art of Intention.  These things are not new.  The world famous clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, said hundreds of times, "The mind is the builder."  

This works best with acts of love.  And, regardless of your terminology for the source and its actions, your thoughts and intentions shape and empower your life.  

We're almost done.  Get ready for it!

We spent years and thousands of dollars reading books, being trained in energy medicine, attending conferences and talking with world-class leaders.  

And some times we get downloads from a higher source.  Here is a key example:  

Intentions are brain wave energy that has its frequencies, duration and radiant power.
   1.  Raise those frequencies to increase the universal goodness in the results.
   2.  Amplify their power, and the results will come sooner.  
   3.  Apply time-space laws to create an ever-present flow with no diminishment over distance or time.

We have been told how to make all this this happen.  We explained it to one of the world's leading experts on energy medicine, and he said, "You're changing the world!  How can I get it?"   He became a life-time subscriber to our Clearest Benefits program where all this happens.

There is more detail on this website.  We take great joy in offering this to you.  Our goals are to increase the Love in the world and help everyone ascend when the event comes.  

If you would like your intentions amplified and realized through the power of The Clearest Benefit Program, check out the subscription options and contact us.  And, to thank you for reading this, you can have a free one-month trial.
A Short Overview
Alchemy has come a long way, and it has been unfolding rapidly in the past century as great minds discover new paradigms in esoteric science and quantum physics.  Scientists and experts world-wide wonder and debate why some simple, observable facts do not fit Newton's laws, and how this affects us.

During the Middle Ages, alchemy was about "transmuting" base metals into precious metals, such as silver and gold.  It was a mixture of science, philosophy and mysticism. Alchemists believe that the "transmutation" of one substance into another is possible. From this belief we have the concept of turning lead into gold.  

The term Alchemy is being used in the quest for other treasures.  

On a spiritual level, Vibrational Alchemy is being applied to reaching our potential and fulfilling our Life Purpose, raising our positive energies and ascending into a higher, more advanced state.   

On a physical level Vibrational Alchemy is being applied to health issues since the flow of energy in our physical and etheric bodies is at the core of wellness. Healing is being done across great distances through the power of intention and love. Vibrations with precisely tuned waves of energy are studied for killing pathogens that cause illness, or balancing the energies in an out- of-tune body.  A healthy flow of energy brings relief to pains and illness through relaxation and structural alignment, as well as improved functioning in our body's chemical processes.  Vibrational alchemy is also at the root of DNA health.

On an energetic level, Vibrational Alchemy is about refining and enhancing personal energy, clearing spaces around you and becoming attuned to higher vibrations and advanced states of being.  This includes balancing and energizing the chakras and auras of your energy body, as is done in virtually all oriental healing arts.  Vibrational Alchemy has a profound effect on living organisms.  It can influence feelings, emotions, and thoughts and many forms of wellness.

On a psychic level, Vibrational Alchemy is about resolving past life issues, karmic debt, removing archons and harmful spirits, detrimental memories, and clearing false ideas or perceptions.  This results in improvements in memory, reasoning, problem solving, job performance, relationshps and physical performance.

Wellsong Energetics has been given a unique and key role in this quest.  Our founder is being directed by a higher guide to create dozens of products and services that use these principles for health and wellness on many levels.  The results are not only amazing and effective, they are affordable. 

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