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Welcome to the Tsunami Rose World​​​​​​​​​​​​​ of Awakening
You most likely have come to this page because you are looking for information, or you were prompted by a higher force, guiding spirit, or guardian angel.  You may have been searching, studying, remembering, processing, living, loving, asking questions and more, but finding no substance or answers. 

Blessings!  You have come to a door that opens to worlds beyond those efforts and expectations.  A real world that is known by many throughout history, but often rejected for being outside the comfort of accepted science and its narrow views.  

If you feel the energy and attraction to Wellsong Energetics or Tsunami Rose, but you are not sure why or how, relax.  Welcome!  We believe it's no accident and a gift of pure love.  Past-lives, current needs, and your own intentions (or Tsunami Rose's) may be at work.

What is this about?​
Tsunami Rose is offering to virtually everyone the benefits of her connection to Source as an act of love which she was guided into through her own nature and many signs and events.  She receives regular guidance from a well-known, higher source about what to do, when and how.  For verification, she has had everyone of over half a dozen psychics and intuitives tell her about this mission and how now is the time to engage in it.  She is deeply committed to helping people prepare for their personal ascension and raising the love and compassion in the world.  This is no small effort.  It is a full-time job and  a total committment.

How Does She Do This?​
Tsunami Rose uses multiple systems and techniques of dowsing and thought acquired through formal training from world-class experts, extensive research, study, inquiry and guidance from higher sources.  She uses well over 1500 dowsing charts for diagnosing issues or investigating matters.  

Although she feels dowsing energy in her body and does not need a pendulum to receive answers to her questions, she likes to use a rare and extraordinary pendulum made from a Bosnian ball or a Super-Isis ’16E’ (Egyptian) pendulum from Alicja Aratyn that detects and emits not only the full spectrum of White Light, but also the highest frequency known today, the Frequency of Gold. It can emit and detect the Three Sacred Energies: Gold, Ultraviolet and the Beneficial Aspect of Negative Green.  It is highly precise and beneficial for therapeutic applications when used in balancing by transmitting the highest quality of energy.  This is an exceptional therapeutic pendulum, that is very successfully used for dowsing and healing.  She also uses a bio-tensor, from the same source.  upon her first physical contact with her pendulum made from a Bosnian ball she had an intense, Kundalini bolt of energy go from her head to her tailbone!.  She waited an hour for a second touch; she had a Kundalini jolt shoot up her spine.  Such things are just becoming too frequent to stop and wonder about.

She also uses a number of tools that concentrate and focus energy through sacred geometry.  Plus, she is now selling one that you can have on-site that gives you a continuous flow and radiation of the clearings and shields of a subscription to the Clearest Benefits Program.  This is expecially good for people working in a business where there are people with various issues coming and going, daily, as some healers and medical office staff experience.

She also uses Essential Oils and Crystals for the benefit of others as well as her personal wellness, effectiveness, positivity and energy abundance.  And, perhaps her most powerful instrument, a Vesica Pisces,  is used to pull out entities, demons and spirits.  For thousands of years this has been recognized as one of the most powerful tools, representing the power and significance of the goddess of any and all religions (e. g. the joining of God and Goddess to create an offspring).   It carries a message which can never be put into words. 

When needed, she uses the Love Machine described elsewhere on this website and sends that energy to you.  Please take a look at this instrument.  It is amazing and should be known, understood and made available to all people.

In addition to her Higher Self and her Guides (Spirit or Source), Tsunami Rose receives guidance and personal information from one of the most powerful, well known and respected sources.  But, who this is, must remain anonamous at this time.

How Can I Have a Session?​
To set up an appointment simply send an email and let the process begin.  Due to the omnipresent and simultaneous character of this process, a session can be done across any distance by phone, over Skype, or in the blind. So, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars travelling to her clinic in Salem, Oregon.  She has clients in cities and countries all over the world.

You can contact Tsunami Rose through the message system on this website, or simply send her an email at:


Please note: For most situations she must have sincere, freely given permission from the subject or beneficiary for her efforts to be accurate and effective.  In the case of infants and incapacitated persons, or a pet a primary caregiver or guardian’s request will suffice.

What is Source?
​Source is beyond description due to our 3rd dimensional perspective and limited vocabulary.  But here’s an effort to explain: Source is a term that represents everything, everywhere.  Some may call this Love, God, or The Creator of All, or any of many other names.  While it is timeless, Today exists and is different from Yesterday.  You exist and are different from others, but we are all part of the All and Everything of Source.  As we advance and ascend, we become more aware of this oneness.  In accordance with our free-will, Tomorrow is unfolding.  Yet, in Source, all things are simultaneous.  

Source is not an entity, but it contains all entities and non-entities.  As an entity, our true and absolute nature evolves and unfolds with both our personal self and our connection to the common consciousness, which is enriched by our uniqueness, along with everyone else’s.  Source includes our past, future and current nature, and it is in tune with our free will to make mistakes and poor choices—or to do well.

A fascinating and eye-opening description of the Source can be found in David Wilcock's book, Source Field Investigations.

How Does this Relate to My Wellness?​
Because Source is connected to everything everywhere and contains all energies throughout the universe, Source contains/shows the obstacles and impediments to your wellness.  It also contains/shows your readiness for and your progress toward ascension, as well as your past, current and future lives.

While Source readily reveals the flow of energy in our physical and etheric bodies, most of us are out of touch and unaware of this.  Only a very few people are sufficiently enlightened and loving, that their Higher Self, is able to “see” our full nature and discern the histories, blockages, disruptions, and dysfunctional matters affecting us. Tsunami Rose is one of these very special people. 

Through her joyful, loving nature and prior life experiences, Tsunami Rose has significantly opened to Source.  She is not only able to access her Higher Self, she is basically connected and aware all the time.  She can direct positive energy through her words and intentions in a way that helps people with their health and other issues.  She experiences telepathy frequently each day with people around her and often communicates across great distances through thought alone.

Tsunami Rose works with the public a great deal and often see hundreds of people a day.  It is not unusual for those passing by to stop and chat as close friends or messangers, or remark about her very strong personal energy.  For Tsunami Rose this is a great joy, for it helps her spread love and make the world a better place.
 Past, Future and Parallel Lives:
Life Feelings
Date of Significant Events
Year of Significant Events
Country/Place of Birth
Who Raised You as a Child
Childhood Environment
Highest Level of Education
Relationship Information
Physical Characteristics
Character Traits
Social Status
Emotional Relationships
Emotional Connection
Life Purpose/Lessons/Tasks
Life Challenges
Spiritual Practices
Living Locations
Overall Health
Mental Impairment
Injury or Death
Between Earth Incarnations 
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Overweight or Overeating

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Clearing Geopathic Stress
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Therapeutic Processes
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Heart Health
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Natural Sleep Aids
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Homeopathic Remedies
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Young Living Essential Oils
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Ascended Master
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Auras and Auric Issues
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Chakras and Chakra Issues
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   Character Traits and Archetypes
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Take Back Your Power
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Negative Imprints
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Traumas and Blocks
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Pet Dowsing
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…and much more!

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