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Tsunami Rose regularly holds sessions up to 12 hours a day (Pacific Time).  She connects with Source, her Spirit Guides and her Higher Self to bring amazing results through the Total Quantum Healing program.  Her frequent out of body travel supports and enhances this program.​​​​​  Her many prior life experiences contribute immeasurable gifts and benefits.​​

For convenience, she uses a pendulum which quickly takes her through an enormous array of medical, spiritual, energetic, and psychic matters.  The pendulum points out the obstacles, disharmonies, forces, and other causes of discomfort, pain, and personal needs and issues. 

During a healing session the energies flowing from her hands, heart and mind are amplified and directed through her pure intentions, her presence in the universe, and her constant, loving empathy.  She focuses and applies these intensions, feelings and energies using tools based on sacred geometry and quantum physics.  There are often other matters that come up that are very personal to the one she is helping.

Distance Healing
Due to the nature of quantum physics, the form of distance healing Tsunami Rose offers really works! The energies from her hands, heart and mind, as well as her tools, work just the same over the phone and Skype as they do if you were in her office.  Over half of her clients are from other cities and in other countries.
Also, the scope and power of your quantum healing experience can be supplemented through Bowenwork sessions with Andy Zokay. His services are the most holistic and effective form of bodywork available.  His work is profoundly relaxing and effective on acute pain, chronic pain, and hundreds of internal disorders. His techniques compliment and speed up the physical benefits of Total Quantum Healing.  

Through multiple prior lives, Andy has been a royal healer. Andy has two Spirit Guides who reveal to him a body's needs and the precise actions to take for delivering pain relief, triggering natural adjustments, and effecting organs and complex systems.  Andy's extensive knowledge of Bowenwork has come from Australia, England, South Africa and the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  He is a master of the process and renoun for his remarkable distance healing abilities.
On-line Classes 
Tsunami Rose offers classes in healthy nutrition based on the psychic guidance of the amazing Medical Medium, Andrew William.  Anthony has been receiving an abundance of detailed medical information through his spirit guide for over 30 years.  This has given him advanced insight and understanding of many medical and nutritional factors that block our capacity to heal and rob us of wellness.  His spirit guide’s information is a decade or more ahead of mainstream science. 

Tsunami Rose's classes explore and supplement Andrew’s messages.  In addition to clarifying the messages, she translates his universe of technical information into simple, steps for daily living.  She teaches how to make better choices of foods, supplements, menus and a daily life style.
In-Person Healing
Tsunami Rose travels across America to major holistic health events so she can meet with hundreds of people, face-to-face.  While there she holds sessions 12 hours a day, and connects with her Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Source to bring amazing results through Chris Kehler’s Total Quantum Healing program. 

She uses a pendulum that guides her through over 100 charts to detect the various issues and causes of your discomfort, pain, or other needs.  The energies from her hands, heart and mind, are amplified and directed to you through her intention and empathy.  She also applies and focuses healing energies using tools of sacred geometry as directed by Source.  While not essential, the benefits of an In-Person visit are that your experience may feel more personal and intuitive.  Also, you may be more richly aware of her love, positive energy and capacity to heal.

Contact and Setting up an Appointment

We are in the process of setting up an online calendar where you can set up an appoitment, but until we get that operational you will need to send an email to Tsunami Rose and ask for an appointment.  She will reply with a list of openings.  She can be reached at: