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Tsunami Rose works with top experts in many fields of bio-science and physics to share experiences and increase her understanding of the esoteric science behind her ability to deliver benefits through intentions and intuition.  

She attends professional conferences on quantum mechanics, radionics, and holistic medical practices.  

…and much, much more!

The Clearest Benefits Program​ is making a difference and stands out as both extraordinary and unique.

What is this about?
There are many psychic practitioners and energy workers who offer their services and skills.  They can be found online, at fairs, expos, Saturday markets and gatherings for health and harmony.   Sadly, some of these are charlatans who want your money and have little benefit to give.  Charlatans typically have great flair and are long on hope and promise.  Some charge high prices to look special and more convincing.  Unfortunately the charlatans are off track and short on benefits.  It's often hard for a consumer to know one from another when they all look and sound the same.  Some promise energy benefits while others offer words alone.  And there is no way to know their validity.

Tsunami Rose can often be found at such events, so what is the difference?  For one, the prices are as low as we can make them.  Why?  So more and more people can benefit.  Another difference is that there is a three month, 100% refund policy.  If you don't see, feel, and experience your money's worth, you can have your money back.  We don't want it, if we are not delivering what you want and need.  

Tsunami Rose's guiding principal is Love.  It's more important to love well, than to be loved.  That is a Truth of the Universe.  And, more importantly, it is the power of love that makes energy work and healing most effective.  

Wellsong Energetics does not disrespect energy workers and psychics.  We just feel sorry about the mix of good and bad in our community and hope all of you have only good experiences.

Why Tsunami Rose and Not Another?
The answer to this question starts with what you are looking for.  Many healers and energy workers do great work.  Some are truly amazing and awesome.  And, we love them, support them and encourage them. 

The difference we have with the others is two-fold: the scope of coverage and the power of a subscription.  

What is the Scope of Coverage?​
Detrimental energy sources come in many forms.  Practically everything around you can be negative, depending on circumstances.  This can include the wires in a building, what's in the ground below you, what's in buildings miles away, what just walked in your door, or what just ran through your mind.  

Much of this is addressed by psychics and energy workers.  Some of them address geopathic energies.  Some clear and balance personal energy.  Some clear homes and spirits.  Some address entity attachments.  Some address harmonics with the Earth.  Some of them have a lasting effect.   But we have found no one, other than Tsunami Rose, claiming and demonstrating all of these, plus a clearing of electricity.

Here is an example about electricity.  A benefit for phones is claimed by some to come through the use of stick-on buttons (shields) with secial properties.  We have not yet seen a phone, out of hundreds, that is free of negative energy.  If you are familiar with dowsing, you can test your phones and electronics using L-Rods.  The rods cross around negative energy.  To see if the buttons work with your phone, try this.  To test the negativity of your phone, hold free-swinging L-Rods level, a few inches above your phone.  We expect the rods will cross.  Put the protective button on your phone.  Test it again.  The rods should not cross.  But in 100% of the cases we have tested, the buttons have no effect.

Tsunami Rose has done hundreds of demonstrations of this.  She has lined up many phones and cleared them with her intentions.  (The L-Rods do not cross over the cleared phones).  This has worked 100% of the time, and it has been demonstrated to work if she is near or far.  It has also been measured and tracked daily.  And they all cross again after 5 days unless they are cleared daily through the Clearest Benefits Program.  Those who have a subscription to the program find the L-Rods not not cross again over their phones, anywhere in their homes, or at any other areas covered by a subscription.  This is guaranteed and you can test it anytime.

What are the Benefits of a Subscription?​
Because much of the world around us may be emitting negative or detrimental energies, we cannot be sure from day to day if our environment is potentially harmful, or if our body is in balance and meeting our needs for sustained wellness.  This dynamic affects people and animals.  The energetic clearing of a home or the energetic balancing of a body is basically temporary.  There are countless ways it can be changed by external causes, social interactions or contact with toxic chemicals and unfriendly organisms.  

As our culture and environment become increasingly "advanced" it seems like there are an increasing number of risks and hazards.  The new 5G network comes to mind.  

The best thing we can do as advanced energy workers, is to provide a subscription service to counteract all this negativity.  But for Tsunami Rose this amazing service is too simple and not enough.  She took it one step farther with what she calls the bookends for every day.  She applies the benefits of the clearings and shields twice for each day.  The clearings and shields are refreshed daily, and done retroactively for the day that is ending and proactively for the day that is ahead.

Even that is not enough for worksites where there is a stream of people coming and going throughout the day.  Even energy workers have to deal with the flow of people on a daily basis.  No one wants to be affected by the negative energies of the preceeding customers or patients!  So Tsunami Rose has found a way for a home or business to have an on-site continuous radiator of the daily powers and benefits.

The scientists, energy workers, and dowsing experts are amazed.  The subscribers are thrilled.  James Oschman, author of the bible on energy medicine, got a lifetime subscription.  Many dentists and veterinarians are subscribing and reporting remarkable results.  Customers are praising the results for themselves and their pets.  And there has not been one request for a refund.  In fact, the only changes we are being asked to do is add other loved ones to their plans.

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