Wellsong Energetics was born as I studied the life and work of Royal Rife.  I realized he had just scratched the suface of what a frequency generator could do.  After attending the Mt. Shasta Secret Space Program Conference with Corey Goode, Laura Eisenhower, and Michael Salla, I realized that many of us are trying to open the pineal gland, balance the chakras and become grounded with the earth,   When I saw people sitting with their feet in a stream trying to ground with the water, I realized that a frequency machine with the right configuration would be a perfect connection between Mother Earth and Humans, and the need for this was universal.

I adapted my PEMF system from Resonant Light to become the perfect device for "love frequencies."  I created a set of frequencies that helped me meditate into a deeper state of consciousness.  When I started seeing balls of light, I knew I was on the right path.  I wanted to make this availabe so others could do the same and explore its effectiveness.  I think the potential here is huge.  We are mostly water and energy.  When you mix this with the discoveries of Dr. Masaru Emoto regarding water it suggests that many of our illnesses could be related to the disordered vibrational state of the water in our cells, blood, heart, brain, etc.  The fact that your neighbor's refrigerator could be sickening you by emitting uncontrolled, harmful energy illustrates the need for a device that can restore healthy energies.  It stands to reason that unhealthy energies over a long enough period of time will erode wellness, suppress immunological functions and cause any number of health or emotional problems.  
Susan Whittaker
(Tsunami Rose)
Chief Executive Officer
Wellsong Energetics, LLC
Instead of waiting 30-50 years for the traditional wellness community to gain interest in this area and make the shift, Wellsong Energetics, together with Resonant Light Technologies are making this amazing device available today.  Now anyone can explore and experience the benefits I have found, plus much more. ​​​​

​The fact that the positive effects radiate 30 feet from the machine due to nature of PEMF technology means the L.O.V.E. Machine can be used with groups as well as individuals, or even people working near the device!

I feel the L.O.V.E. Machine has all the health benefits of a professional sauna and much more.  Every spa, yoga center, and destination resort should have these. Guided Consciousness Experts, Massage Therapists, Energy Workers and anyone working with clients in pain, or offering relaxation or mediation therapies should own a L.O.V.E. Machine and share its amazing benefits with others. Not only will this build clientele and be of great service to others, in doing so we will generate more positive energy, raise conscious awareness, and increase love and compassion in the world and beyond.​​

Total Quantum Healing
There were many things that got me interested in dowsing, and Sedona, Arizona was a central part of this, because there I met two amazing, world class healers. I was spell bound for hours on dowsing and its connection to distance-delivered Bowenwork.  I had received distance-delivered healing from Andy Zokey and knew about its reality.  During a visit to Las Vegas I heard of Andy refining his mastery of this technique.  I later learned of the synergistic actions between Bowenwork and Total Quantum Healing.

After joining the American Society of Dowsers and absorbing scores of books, videos and articles, I found my abilities developing very quickly.  The guidance I was receiving in out-of-body experiences was very supportive, and brought me to Chris Kehler's Total Quantum Healing program.  This is another path through which I can help hundreds of people.  

The journey is just beginning! 
A Great Idea!
Edna Tunney
Resonant Light
Technology Inc
Resonant Light Technology Inc. is a Canadian Corporation that has its roots well grounded in the research & development of integrated light and sound technology for the purpose of controlling microorganisms.

Our corporate philosophy is simple. We are professional. We manufacture and produce the finest quality and the most effective equipment possible while supporting our clients who use it.

We are committed to maintaining a good relationship with our clients and suppliers to ensure effective, continuous improvement throughout our quality system. Together, we believe in, and work towards, contributing in making this world a better place in which to live.
Donald Tunney
Resonant Light
Technology Inc