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​​​​​​​​​​​​If you are a business owner, student, or  individual looking for ways to improve what you or others do and how things are, you will find here proven resources far outside the ordinary to help you reach those goals. 

Please take a few seconds to read the rest of this note.  It may be a defining moment for your future.  

We offer a proven inter-play of subtle energies from esoteric science and the Art of Intention.

These things are not new.  The world famous clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, said hundreds of times, "The mind is the builder."  

The mind works best with acts of love.  And, regardless of your beliefs and terminology for the source and meaning of love, your thoughts and intentions shape and empower your life.  

We spent years and thousands of dollars reading books, studying modalities for energy medicine, attending conferences and talking with world-class leaders.  

Sometimes we received downloads from a higher source.  Here is an example:  

Intentions are brain-wave energy that has its frequencies, duration and radiant power.
   1.  Raise those frequencies to increase the universal goodness in their outcome and results.
   2.  Amplify their power so the outcome and results come sooner.  
   3.  Apply time-space laws to create an ever-present flow with no diminishment over distance or time.  

We tested and found how to apply these rules using a variety of tools, scientific principles, and great love to achieve great results.  We saw how it cleared the detrimental forms of energy that surround us and changed them to beneficial forms from our intentions with 100% consistency!  These energies make millions of people sick every year.  So, we also found how to set up protective shields that work in harmony with universal goodness.  

We explained our methods and subscriptions to James Oschman, one of the world's leading experts on energy medicine, and he said, "You're changing the world!  How can I get it?"   He immediately became a life-time subscriber to the Clearest Benefits program and recommends it to everyone.

We are so sure of this program, we'll give you up to a three month refund if you're not totally satisfied.  We know everyone has free will, so we can only give what people are willing to accept, but we do all we can to help.

So, if you want a cleaner, safer environment everywhere you go, for you and all the people you come into contact with, check out our page with more information about the Clearest Benefits Program and then contact us at:


And, to thank you for reading all of this, you can have a free, one-month trial just by asking.
A Note from Our Founder
New Paradigms in Love and Light
Wellsong Energetics was started because I, as a proponent of holistic living, see all around me, and everywhere, very serious gaps.  I know you see it too.  Entire societies are experiencing emotional hunger and imbalance.  Individuals and groups are quick to point out the problems and shortcomings others have, but slow to see their own. Actions and values based on love and compassion are in short supply.  This is not helping individuals or their friends and families ascending to a higher plane.  Without a change in heart, the Earth and its people will have progressively complex lessons ahead.  
So, what are we to do?
I created Wellsong Energetics so I could reach out and help people meet their needs and ultimately ascend to a higher, more joyful level.  My mission here, now, is to make Earth a better place through education and the use of advanced, multi-dimensional science.  
I am seeing and learning amazing things that are shared all over this website.  I just follow what I am being told to do.  The guidance I am receiving is now not just daily, but almost continuous.  The momentum of acceptance and the positive results being reported are really exciting to see.
What's new?
I am very excited to be introducing at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles in February our breakthrough service, a Broad Spectrum Detox Program.  To jump ahead now and see what this is all about, click here .
The esoteric topics on this website, like my programmable, vibrational medicine (PVM) will be rejected by some people as unscientific and unmeasureable.  Actually, rejection is not a valid criticism but rather a statement about the limits of our knowledge and the fact that mainstream science does not accept what it cannot measure.  They do not address intention and consciousness, for example.  It is the goal of science to only look at things they can test in double-blind experiments.  Double-blind has an apt alternate meaning, here.  This leaves science far from much reality.  

The powers of intuition, remote viewing, ESP and scores of metaphysical topics fall into this gap, too.  For example, we all understand there is much value in doing things with good intentions--and conversely problems come from the opposite side of this coin.
The emissaries of love and light will recognize and understand what is here in these pages, at least as a subtle recognition of truth.  These are the souls on Earth I must help first because their gifts are more important than mine and will affect many people.  You, the reader, are no doubt one of these souls.  The fact that you are reading this is no accident, and I greet you with love.  We may have met in Atlantis and you may have been hearing the call to this meeting.  You are likely a carrier of love and light who came here to help others.  Keep reading.  What you need first for your mission may be in the next few words.
      The core to all our services is the   Clearest Benefits Program.   It looks simple on the surface and is easily underestimated. It goes deep into your physical and etheric body providing an amazing set of balancing and clearing benefits and protections--too many and too substantial to describe here.  Its EMF protections alone are astounding, and related to neurotoxins in a big way.  Neurotoxins are poisoning us left and right, and few have a clue about what's going on--and going into us.  To jump into this now, click here.
      The next important breakthrough technology I am introducing is programmable, vibrational medicine (PVM).  This is based on quantum entanglement and esoteric theories of universal fields, like ether.  Some think our 3D realm is condensed light or ether!  We lack concepts and vocabulary to discuss or understnad this.  But, that has not stopped me from bringing forth products that are like "unconsumable pills"--similar to supplements and vitamins, but at a fraction of their cost.  And, pure.  To learn more about PVMs, jump here.

      There is much, much more.  Stay tuned.  Send me an email for more information at Sue@wsEnergetics.com

Vibrational Medicine

We are launching a line of products Tesla envisioned and called vibrational medicine.  He did not say much about it, so it was lost after his death.  However, for about two years Nikola Tesla and an advanced higher entity have taught me how to make it and how it works.  Because they are vibrational, the products are programmed to replicate physical matter.  This is not much different from playing music on a radio.  There is no guitar nearby, but you may want to dance.  Next, with energy as their basis, these need to be re-energized regularly.  It's no coincidence that the Clearest Benefits Program I developed three years ago is the exact vehicle to do that.  You can find out more on this website or at i-pothecary.com .  I am very excited about this amazing, affordable, new paradigm for wellness and ascension.

The Art of Dowsing

We have launched our classes and books on dowsing.  These are not quite like anything you have seen before.  We have easy-to-use guides for doctors, energy workers and interested individuals to quickly determine the needs or issues of clients, friends, pets, etc.  Then, the books quickly guide the dowser through four thousand remedies to select the optimum product for a specific person and their specific case. 

Plus, we are preparing a training course in Intentional Dowsing.  With intentional dowsing the dowser affects people and things in positive ways.  With all the knowledge I have been given for the work described above, I have much to share on this topic.  In the coming months we will be telling you more about this and our unique DNA-Starpower program that is showing great promise for chronic illness and other broken-DNA issues.
We know reality around us is much greater than what we can sense, measure or comprehend.  It has invisible dimensions and aspects we are in contact with constantly. This limitless realm, which I call Infinite Source, supports us on our journey here on Earth and our service to others.  We have free-will to do as we wish, but the core of it all is Love.

​Wellsong Energetics is more than a full time job for those who are involved.   It’s our passion, our lifestyle and our life’s mission.  If all you do is look around our website, we hope we touch your life in a positive and beneficial way.  And we hope you become a follower and enjoy the observable and wonderful benefits of all we offer.  We guarantee your satisfaction.  Join us.  You'll be amazed.

Tsunami Rose,
(Sue Whittaker)
President, CEO
Wellsong Energetics, LLC
The Family Plan is $14.99 per month.  The Business Plan is $100 per month.  When you buy 10 months in advance you get a full year of service.  To subscribe or get more info, send an email to CBP@wsEnergetics.com.   Please put ​​​​CBP Plan in the subject line.
The video has a good description of the esoteric science we employ.
The more we discover and comprehend about our universe, the more powerful and significant we find our thoughts to be through intention and intuition.
The more you understand what this expert knows, the more you'll want a subscription to the Clearest Benefits Program.  He believes everyone should have it because it helps keep you healthy and happy.  That is why we are sharing these resources about this great man.
This video gives a quick explanation of how everything inside us is connected to a living matrix, and how we are all connected through the universe by quantum physics.  

This opens the door to understanding our True Quantum Healing and the amazing Clearest Benefits Program.  

For a great amount of mind stretching science, check out his books, like Energy Medicine.

We will be adding more references, soon.